Sunday, October 9, 2011

So the first necklace I made was inspired by a friend who needed a not so conventional necklace to wear with her wedding dress.....
I did some research and ordered a few bits and pieces and got started. The first one turned out pretty good and with some encouragement from Eric, I continued to make more for each of my siblings and close family members.
When I ran out of close people to make for, Eric again encouraged me to keep going as I was enjoying myself immensely. At first I started with the 2 strand design of blister pearls in every color.
Then I ventured into the biwa pearls (flat oblong pearls) and had to find a way to best use them. I opted for the center drilled pearls so I could string them like a choker.
Then I decided to try my hand at the long drilled biwas and started combining them with crystals and Tibetan silver beads to from long strand that could be worn as a single, double or triple strand or even a bracelet.
As you can see, they come in a variety of shapes and colors, each more beautiful than the next. It's hard to choose a favorite and I am glad that they are so versatile. I've even seen a friend wearing a long strand knotted at the bottom!!!

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