Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Green blister pearls

I think these are called sea foam green...
I think they're lovely!

Top drilled Biwas in various colors

These are beautiful and elegant.
Separated by crystals and silver plated beads, they can go with any outfit!!!
The come in various different colors....
here are a few

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blue blisters....

2 strand in blue blister pearls...
Need I say more?

the "new design" in gray and brown

This is lovely and understated!!!
Gray mother of pearl

and brown with gold veins and matching earrings...

new design - other colors....

Here are some of the other colors with the new design...
Light blue with gold veins...

Look at the detail on these beads.... blue with gold veins!!!

This one is pink with helix type crystals in between

Coral with gold veins.....

more earrings...

These are very cool - they can be bought as a set or worn independently.
Coppery gold long blister pearls with stardust and crystal accent beads.
What do you think?

And black and white...
actually cream Biwa and hematite crystal but who's checking??


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silver gray biwas

I love this color
Its a great little neutral number that goes well with anything!!!

Ice green

These are blister pearls in a lightest green
They are round in shape with a flat back averaging 10mm
They are beautiful and elegant!

Milky White

This is the necklace that started this whole things off.
It was made and designed for a friend to match her wedding dress which was modern and edgy!
Obviously this is a copy of the original.
These are milk white blister pearls finished with silver stardust beads and a magnetic rhinestone clasp.

Brown blister 2 strand

This is the original 2 strand design...
I finished it off with a Tibetan silver hook clasp

Looks good right?!

Turquoise and cream...

Another triple strand creation
The base is a mixture of turquoise and cream Mother of pearl abalone nuggets.
They are interspersed with turquoise crystals, freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls,
quartz nuggets and anything else I thought looked good!!

It comes with matching earrings but feel free to purchase it alone.

Mint chip

This necklace looks good enough to eat....
It definitely reminds of mint ice-cream
Green mother of pearl abalone nuggets flanked with gray/green freshwater pearls,
glass bead, taupe Swarovski pearls and rainbow aurora crystals

Purple majesty

This regal looking 2 strand blister pearl necklace is gorgeous!!
The blister pearls are pretty uniform and sit well together.
Its finished with a magnetic rhinestone clasp and silver stardust beads....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another triple strand

This is a beautiful dusty pink triple strand with a variety of other beads
Mother of pearl abalone beads, pearls, glass beads and crystals

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Design.....

Look at this cool new design I came up with....
It pretty simple but very elegant.
The basic idea is mother of pearl rectangular beads interspersed with some kind of matching crystal.
I have used bicones, rondelles and various other shaped crystal beads.
Below, is the brown one I made - it is brown with gold veins on it...
Very pretty indeed!!

The matching earrings go really well!!!