Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Already sold... but wanted to show you...

This one got sold off my table last week, but wanted to show you the color.
Another triple strand in green with lots of accents beads....

Don't worry, I'm already working on a replacement for it.

Purple, gray and pink

Variation on a theme....
Only 4 different beads in this one (much fewer than usual), but the colors create the contrast

Red Rust Triple Strand

Another triple strand with gorgeous accent beads.
The mother of pearl nuggets are an incredible color.
 I didn't want add anything that would detract from the color abd came up with this...

There are various diffferent shaped crystals beads, gold stardust beads and glass beads


and dark pine green....

Look at all the accent beads with this....

Silver gray goddess

I wish I could pull this color off for myself, but I am too pale skinned.
This necklace is incredible regal and needs no further introduction
Silver gray Biwas amidst various clear crystals and other silver pearls.

Coppery Gold

Same as below.... different color.
What d'ya think?

Burgundy wine

This is another stunner of the multi strand design
Burgundy Biwa pearls flanked by crystals, freshwater pearls, aurora crystals and glass beads.

Another statement piece which can be worn with a little black dress or jeans!

Gorgeous Purple!!!

This is one of the new multi strand designs with a multitude of various extra bits.
The base is the purple Biwa pearls drilled lengthwise.
Next are all the additional beads:
Purple quartz nuggets, purple crystals in various shapes and sizes,
purple aurora crystals and purple glass beads

I love this necklace!!!