Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And black....

They call it black, buts it's more like a gray peacock...

Brown bracelet

A brown version...

Cream bracelet

This is similar to the green one.  It is 6 intertwined strands with various different freshwater pearls, Biwa pearls and crystals.  It is finished with a magnetic clasp.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Light Olive Green Triple Strand

This color was so unique, I couldn't resist.
I managed to put large glass crystal beads of various shapes and sizes in between the usual beads to make a huge dramatic line and this looks great on a redhead!
Lee - I hope you enjoy your necklace ;)

And theses are the matching earrings

Still a hit...

I have done many versions of this necklace.  
The colors vary based on the accent beads.  Sometimes the crystals are lighter or darker and some of them have huge glass or crystal beads to highlight different colors.  Each necklace, I am proud to say, is unique.

Note the huge light colored oval glass beads...

And matching earrings too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turquoise Biwa Bracelet

Simple and elegant.  
This turquoise Biwa bracelet is finished with the hematite magnetic rhinestone clasp.

Green Biwa bracelet

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. 
Firstly, this magnetic Swarovski clasp is stunning. 
This 5 strand bracelet is made up of long drilled Biwas pearls, 
freshwater pearls and various shaped and sized crystals.

Dark Rainbow Biwas

These are so stunning in color. 
Can't quite put my finger on the base color - a shade of purple.

But at a closer look, I'm not so sure....